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Nino Lagvilava about The Project

Nino Lagvilava: The Project - ‘‘Support strengthening the role of young women in building peace and stability in the South Caucasus’’ is the Regional project financed by Open Society Institute (OSI) and implemented in partnership with International Gender Policy Network (IGPN) .

The project now is in its second phase and aims to improve peace, security and democratic development in the Region of the South Caucasus via young women’s participation in peace and security policy analysis and planning. This will be done through the application of the international instruments such as UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) on Women, Peace and Security which is an important mechanism for the post-conflict Region of the South Caucasus to include women’s issues in the political and security agenda. It will be an effective mechanism to advance more open and participatory process as well as effective and stable security and peace building activities in the post-conflict environment of these countries.
Within the Project framework on August 2013, the South Caucasus Young Women Experts’ Network was established at the Regional Conference on Promoting Women’s Participation in Peace and Security. 10 young girls, graduate and postgraduate students with the educational background in political and social sciences from Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan gathered in Georgia and created the South Caucasus Network of young professionals in order to actively participate in the Regional peace-building process.
The project has many planned activities, among is the issuance of quarterly electronic bulletin which will share with the wider audience the information on peace and security aspects in the Region and beyond and women's role and participation is conflict and post-conflict environment, in post-conflict rehabilitation and peace building processes.
We will be more than happy to get your opinion regarding the journal and will welcome your participation, your views and ideas, your articles and messages on related issues. So please feel free to contact us and share your thoughts and visions.
Thank you for your interest and cooperation,
Nino Lagvilava "South Caucasus Young Women Experts Network for Peace and Security"

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