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Charm of War (?)

This curly young man, who looks like modern Mozart is a composer of emotional paintings, which show the victims of war from his own country.

Abdalla Omari was born and raised in Damascus, Syria where he graduated the fine art faculty, but as the situation went absolutely wild in the country, he brought his talent in Georgia.
in the hall of National Library of Georgia, little children or families were looking at us through paintings with their short stories. some of them were killed during the war, or there was a little girl saved from the bombing with the horror scene where 160 people died right in front of her. 
Abdalla is 27 year old painter, who brought to us the pain of his people, pain of all of us with his exhibition - "Charm of War" - and the magic of the exhibition was the "light air" of the creating and the pleasure of the technics expressed by his own style of painting. all the pictures were carrying sadness, heaviness and blame that you are feeling safe, secured and don't have to be afraid that this is your last moment, last breath or last dream at night. i have no idea how it feels when you see your country is being ruined, your family is split into parts and all your thoughts are directed to the only way - to survive. and writing this sentence im already 25, but children already passed that way, got over the war in their minds and everyday life and still are smiling on the paintings, which are copied from the real photos. while the video about the making process  of these pictures was on air, i met a man there with professional camera, who seemed very interested of current exhibition. the point was that "National Geographic" ordered Georgian photographers the project about Christianity in Georgia and modern Syria. the link between these two totally different countries could be religious, but it's early to talk in advance untill the project is lounched. tonight is the second night after "Charm of War" was open, but faces of the children and thoughts how war can damage everything around us are stuck in my head and i'm sure im not the only one who is stressed and worried about people in any situation which is not based on peace and security. the main purpose of this post is to join Abdalla to show others how people suffer and how awful war is. Abdalla in his style of expression, which is painting, is a peace-maker, because sharing information, bringing to the right people, making them feel the same as victims do and push them think how to solve problems, which are killing others is a tool for prosperity later. 

thank you and respects dear Abdalla, with your country's name i wish peace and security to every of us!

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